U.S. political ruling class losing their ideological stranglehold amidst 2016 election

It’s business as usual in the states but the sheer audacity of these media outlets, politicians, and campaign staffers have shattered the perceivable semblance of the political arena.

From the various scandals of Hillary Clinton and her careless disregard of protocol to the general absurdity and disorder of Trump, it’s an endless circus.

There is a theory that Clinton is using Trump as a plant to win the presidency, which isn’t as fringe and conspiratorial as one might think or it could be that Trump was unwittingly propped into position. This would explain why Trump sort of undercuts and alienates himself in varied ways. If so, it’s reminiscence of the 2004 election, in which the  Bonesman John Kerry lost to fellow Bonesman George W. Bush.

Speaking of the Bush family, Jeb Bush has suggested himself that such a conspiracy exists.

Is Trump a pawn or participant or is it possible that Trump turns out to be a great disruptor as he’s made out to be? It’s too early to judge but connections between the Trump and Clinton family don’t inspire confidence. Regardless, the current state of politics is bad.  They are losing their grip and the people are, too. We’re getting out of touch with reality and this could be taken advantage of by foreign nations in terms of infiltration and ideological subversion.

Losing Control 

The Clinton campaign is misguided and threatens the fabric of American politics on either side of the spectrum. Her speech against the ‘Alt-Right’ and direct mention of Alex Jones is an example of how much ideological control has been lost due to their sheer inability to control perception.

Her smear campaign against Trump has failed. They tried to associate him with conspiratorial truther types but this backfired. The alt-right and alternative media find this recognition legitimizing. It provides them with more exposure and ideological control.  This is either a bad thing, in which the whole political realm descends into conspiratorial narratives or this could open the door to alternative thought and free us from the legacy system.  Things are different now, though.

The media bias and censorship of the 2008 election was blown off for the most part but it’s different this time. Alt-movements and media have gained an unprecedented level of traction and are beginning to win the war of perception and dissolve the ideological subversion of the political class.

The upper echelon of the U.S. political arena is destroying its internal and international integrity.

I don’t care for the political elite class. I don’t care for their agenda and their problematic political philosophies. However, I find their stupidity and ineptitude a major problem with  national security. It is troubling for the U.S., foreign entities can act on that weakness.

If Trump is the disruptor, the Andrew Jackson of his day, then I hope he sets fire to the fields of bureaucracy to expose these  gangs of snakes and rid us of this drama. I am doubtful but shaking things up could be what American needs. I just fear that we’re veering down a bad path, in which there is no real semblance of order and directive. I don’t want things to spiral into an overwhelming battle of narratives in which no one truly understands what’s going on.

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