Truth About Afghanistan & Anti-War Movements

I‘m not an advocate of war but I’m skeptical of anti-war sentiment and the danger it creates. The anti-war sentiment regularly rejects objective reality, replacing facts with feelings. Ironically, this can and has lead to far greater immorality than the immorality of war itself. I also find it troubling that anti-war movements are unaware that anti-war propaganda is a foreign nation’s best tool for controlling a nation it seeks to undermine. This is something activists of any type should be aware of, as they’re naturally a prime target for covert infiltration and influencing of policy change.

Myth of Meaningless War 

In today’s politics, Afghanistan is a “meaningless” and “endless war”, only destructive to America and democracy itself. This could not be further from the truth.  A big secret of the military industrial complex is that there is no such thing as a meaningless, endless war. There is a purpose for almost, if not every act of war the U.S. takes. However, the American people can’t be trusted by the establishment to recognize the greater dangers in the realm of geopolitics, so the veil of terrorism is used to simplify and pacify the masses.

If They Were Honest

If the U.S. establishment said, “We need you to risk your life to prevent the escalating threat of Communist China dictating global affairs”, nobody would sign up for that war as the implications of world order under China aren’t as tangible to them as the “war on terror”.

Proxy War On America

The average American doesn’t understand the destructive influence of China on Silicon Valley, Hollywood, mainstream media, academia, manufacturing, etc. It’s slowly eroding America and democracy but no one sees it since this war is very complex and subtle and therefore, intangible. So, instead of Trump decrying Iran, Russia, and China for undermining Afghanistan and America, the Trump Administration invokes the veil of terrorism and focuses on Pakistan, which is the right thing to do if we’re serious about Afghanistan, China, and North Korea.


In reality, the war in Afghanistan is more about China, Russia, and North Korea than the ‘war on terror’, although Pakistan is a legitimate concern.

“New scenarios of the US strategy in Afghanistan affect the interests of China. Over the recent time, the administration of (President Donald) Trump has been way too active in initiating hotbeds of tension close to the Chinese borders: in North Korea, and now in Afghanistan”

“Behind all these bright-eyed statements about a certain new strategy in Afghanistan is a trivial position — to remove a rival or weaken him. Nowadays, the People’s Republic of China is the main rival of the US on the global arena,” Adzhar Kurtov said.

This is about assuring dominance, preventing China from becoming the international leader and containing Russia.

Lesser Of Two Evils 

The U.S. establishment is morally indefensible in many ways but it pales in comparison to Communist China and what a world order under China would mean for humanity. I don’t welcome that world, a world lined with Foxconn factories with suicide nets to prevent their slave labor from killing themselves in mass, nor do I welcome the ever pervasive censorship of China, which has crept its way into America through the intermediary of Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Likewise, I think it’s obvious from a geopolitical perspective, that Russia and the U.S. have motives that clearly aren’t in alignment.

It comes down to a choice. . .

In geopolitics, we are stuck between choosing the lesser of two evils. If we do not choose the lesser evil, the greater evil prevails. I do not believe in the evil of veiling our interests, especially when the military has created incentives to join. I don’t believe in the evil of occupying foreign nations for political purposes. Nevertheless, these are more acceptable compromises than that of the greater evil and rejecting the greater evil is something worth fighting for.

Perhaps, one day, we will not be subjected to moral compromises of that nature but as it stands, this is the objective reality of our world.

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