The Secret Behind Sirius

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The star Sirius has been surrounded by a strange and mysterious lore since the beginning of human civilization. In fact, the world’s oldest known temple, Göbekli Tepe, might have been built to worship Sirius. Sirius was observed by the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, Babylonians, etc.

In the ancient mystery schools, Sirius was considered the “sun behind the sun” and therefore, became the true and sacred source of light shining in the East. It has long been an object of veneration among various civilizations and secretive orders but why? Some would have you believe that alien inhabitants descended from Sirius to seed life and knowledge on Earth but I am not one of those people. I believe there is a very simple but meaningful explanation for its worship.

Sirius is a navigational star and the brightest in Earth’s night sky. It could have inspired the ancients to understand astronomy and subsequently geometry, thus informing the process of surveying and celestial navigation. This would mean that it was viewed as a source of intellectual light to the ancients. This explains the association Sirius has had with various myths of a great teacher of the sciences such as the Nommo and Thoth. Today, that association dwells within Freemasonry, in which the “Blazing Star” symbolizes Sirius and bears association to the grand architect of the universe which, according to Freemasonry, gifted humanity the sciences.

“The ancient astronomers saw all the great symbols of Masonry in the stars. Sirius glitters in our lodges as the Blazing Star.” (pg. 486 Morals and Dogma – Albert Pike)

“The night skies were important to the ancients, from whom many Masonic truths have been derived.” – (pg. 77 A Bridge to Light – Rex R. Hutchens.)

“The trinity of deity belongs to no single religion. The truths of Masonry are contained within the religions of the world.” – (pg.220 A Bridge to Light – Rex R. Hutchens.)


The “truths” Hutchens refers to are the ancient astronomical allegories in religion and thus, the craft of Freemasonry as an inference of that ancient wisdom. Of these ancient allegories, the sacred trinity is of central importance. The mythology of the sacred trinity was inspired by the ancient observations of the celestial bodies, in which Isis was associated with Sirius, Osiris with Orion’s belt, and Horus with the Sun. Sirius-Isis was seen as the mother goddess and served as the astronomical foundation for the Egyptian mythology. The heliacal rising of Sirius-Isis also marked the inundation of the Nile river, which was important for agriculture in ancient Egypt. Of course, the association of these celestial bodies to various deities have changed throughout time but the mythology has fundamentally remained the same. That’s why Hutchens asserts that the trinity of the deity belongs to no one religion.

In conclusion, there are many rational explanations for the veneration of Sirius, which is why there’s no necessity to claim that anything of a supernatural nature inspired its worship. It seems to have stood as a metaphorical and intellectual light that inspired the ancients to understand the sciences, in turn becoming glorified in various mythologies and esoteric teachings around the world as it became centralized in the mythology of the sacred trinity, as a celestial marker in relation to agriculture and more.

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