The Hermetic expression of the Washington Monument

The Hermetic expression (as above, so below) is created between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool underneath the starry night sky.

It’s safe to assume that this was not intentional. The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument were designed and completed during different times and by different architects. That doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that individuals conspired to embed this age old expression between the two structures, but it’s not likely.

The Washington Monument was designed by architect and Freemason Robert Mills. Of course, George Washington was a Freemason himself.

To Scottish Rite Freemasons who are aware of the Egyptian influence on Freemasonry, this makes sense. [1] The Washington Monument actually might have been intended to reflect Masonic and ancient Egyptian belief and symbolism. However, the reflecting pool probably wasn’t.

Henry Bacon was the architect of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. He was not a Freemason and there is no indication that he conspired with Freemasons to create an ancient maxim. In fact, there actually were two very Masonic proposals submitted by John Russell Pope, the architect of the Scottish Rite headquarters of Freemasonry known as the House of the Temple, and they were rejected.

Pope had submitted two design proposals that resembled ancient Mayan and Egyptian pyramids. However, these proposals were rejected in favor of Bacon’s Greek Doric temple. They’re very interesting nonetheless.


1, Hutchens, Rex., A Bridge to Light, p. 294


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  1. Hi Sam,

    Have you had a chance to read Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval’s tome, The Master Game? I think it might shed light on the likelihood of “conspiracy” across vast expanses of time, particularly in regard to hermetically inspired architecture.

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