The Anti-Intrusive Mechanism Within The Great Pyramid

In  a recent episode of the Science Channel’s “Unearthed” series, which aired Tuesday (July 12), the show covered a system used within the Great Pyramid to protect the King’s Chamber from intruders.

In studying the evolution of pyramid building, you see a gradual transition from simple burial mounds to mastabas, step pyramids, and finally, true pyramids. The two major factors driving this evolution were the belief in the afterlife and the fear of intrusion.

In this episode of Unearthed, they’re specifically focusing on a simple and yet, elaborate mechanism within the Great Pyramid that was used to prevent intrusion into the King’s Chamber.

Although this mechanism was already well-known, the reconstructive animations that the show provides bring the system to life, showing how the ancient Egyptians used specific niches and blocks beneath the pyramid walls for the mechanism.

In related news, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is now displaying its oldest papyruses, dating 4,500 years ago, which detail the daily lives of the pyramid-builders.

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