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Stellar & Ripple: Steady Incline Before Announcements

 There’s a steady incline on Stellar and Ripple and both have confirmed partnerships that are yet to be announced. Due to the expected 2X hard fork which did not occur, most groups were expecting to make announcements after the 16th following the fork. However, due to the conflict launched by the Bitcoin Cash backers and cancellation of 2X, most people simply forgot about what was sure to be an ideal moment for announcements.

With that said, Stellar and Ripple are looking steady and are practically sure to experience a surge after the announcements that are likely to take place soon. I believe this will happen between the 16th-20th. However, it’s possible that shifts are being made for strategic purposes. These announcements may be set for a delay due to Bitcoin Futures, which will absorb most of the attention this December, as well as the developments that follow.  If neither are made soon, then we’ll likely have to wait for January or February.

Both Ripple and Stellar are being vastly underestimated, especially Stellar. Everyone has their eyes on Bitcoin and Ethereum but these two groups are the ones making the most progress. I expect 2018 to be a massive year for both. You could see Stellar with the market cap currently seen in Ripple and Ripple retain its third place market cap by the end of 2018.