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Monero & Ripple: Top Contenders For Coinbase Support?

 On January 2, 2017, the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, stated that the exchange was not just a Bitcoin company but a cryptocurrency company. In 2017, we can expect the trend of adding more cryptocurrency to Coinbase to continue, he says.

Despite having Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee, at Coinbase, it took some time to add Litecoin support. This would indicate that Coinbase isn’t in the business of supporting just any cryptocurrency. Coinbase appears to be a standard bearer of exchanges and will probably add only the more stable of cryptocurrencies to its platform, crypto that has serious developer foundation and viability.


We believe Monero fits that profile and that Coinbase will add Monero to its exchange within the next year.

Monero has private transactions, it’s privacy tech is well-tested, there isn’t high inflation, and there is no tax on miners to pay investors. It certainly ranks higher among the cryptocurrency hierarchy.

As a side note, Monero is followed by Charlie Lee, Coinbase, and Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong on Twitter. Of course, this isn’t necessarily indicative of future Coinbase support but it shows that Coinbase and its staff are supportive of Monero.

We also believe that Ripple and Stellar could be added to Coinbase in the near future, perhaps before Monero. In fact, if not Monero first, it would probably be Ripple.

NOTE: We are not counting Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, or Bitcoin 2x, as these are hard forks and essentially force support that would not otherwise naturally occur. Bitcoin Cash will be added to Coinbase, it’s not known whether or not Bitcoin Gold will be, and the future of BTC 2x is not known.