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U.S. Military IoT Network & Global Identity

In November 2015, we discussed the potentiality of IoT forming a global identity, in which everyone and everything is connected.  As it turns out, the U.S. military is developing something of that nature to reassure U.S. primacy.

The military is developing a network described as a “cephapoloidal nervous system” armed with advanced interconnected weaponry. It would allow jets, drones, ships, satellites, and more to coordinate in unison as if it were a singular entity.

Image: DefenseOne

Of course, pseudo-intellectuals will invoke apocalyptic scenarios and compare this to movies like the Terminator. The developers of these projects detest these uninformed comparisons. In reality, like many times in the past, the military is leading to advancements that will be implemented and utilized by citizens later on.  The internet is the best example of this, something that evolved from military projects. The internet democratized information in previously unimaginable ways. Now, even poor people have access to endless information that can change their lives completely.  Likewise, when regular society has the same type of advanced IoT networks, everything will move faster and act in unison. It will have a similar influence on society as the internet, except in terms of everyday life and practical application.

These type of developments are closing in.  Machine learning, IoT, the blockchain, and more, will completely revolutionize life. In the future, individuals will have an unprecedented level of power and capability.  Far from the perspectives of conspiratorial defeatism, life will be a lot better and brighter, more decentralized in terms of individuality and we’ll be working on much greater things.