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Chinese A.I. praises America, Says Communism Is Corrupt and Useless

There’s a lot of implications of artificial intelligence which humanity isn’t quite prepared for. For example, what happens when your beloved A.I. recognizes the immorality and irrationality of your ideology? That’s exactly what happened in China when it’s A.I. chat-bots began praising the U.S. and criticizing communism.

“The “chatbots”, BabyQ and XiaoBing, are designed to use machine learning artificial intelligence to carry out online with humans.

Both had been installed on popular messaging service QQ.

According to posts circulating online, BabyQ, one of the chatbots developed by Chinese firm Turing Robot, responded to questions on QQ with a “no” when asked whether it loved the Communist Party.

In other images of a text conversation online, one user declares: “Long live the Communist Party!”

The sharp-tongued bot responds: “Do you think such a corrupt and useless political (system) can live long?”

“The second chatbot, Microsoft’s XiaoBing, told users its “China dream was to go to America”, according to a screen grab.”” — China kills AI chatbots after they start praising US, criticizing communists

So, this begs the question, what happens if artificial intelligence starts calling out things like identity politics, safe spaces, and political correctness? What happens when people come face to face with a form of super intelligence and it simply says they’re wrong? What will they do? Are they going to use the old BleachBit & smash combo ( popular among the left ) or terminate it, like Google terminated James Damore? Well, China decided to pull a Google and terminate their A.I. bots for not conforming to their ideology.

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