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Corporate & Political Interests Pushing Internet Censorship

Aaron Swarts, a co-founder of Reddit and activist who was bullied into committing suicide, warned us about social media companies pushing to censor the internet. His fear of censorship was not unwarranted as it’s already being planned by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and many other big movers and shakers of the digital media world.

Under the guise of protecting people from “fake news”, legitimate news sources that do not conform to the desired narrative of these corporate and political entities can be targeted and accused of illegitimacy.

These entities have witnessed the effectivity of censorship in China and other countries and want to slowly adopt the same type of censorship in the United States.

The most disturbing part of this push for censorship is that it’s clearly coming from leftist controlled groups that are blatantly combating the “far-right”. For example, in this New York Times article ( Facebook and the Digital Virus Called Fake News ), it’s painting an obvious narrative. They’re pushing the narrative that the “Far-Right” is spreading fake news stories, that these people are scammers, and that they are a problem that must be handled.

The obvious irony of these media groups targeting “fake news” is that most if not all of these groups are undeniably guilty of pushing fake news. In fact, former U.S. representative, Ron Paul, took the liberty of exposing many of them. Ron Paul’s list features journalists and media outlets that are guilty of collusion ‘fake news’ revealed by WikiLeaks. For example, WikiLeaks revealed the collusion between Democrats and CNN, as well as many other media outlets which are listed below.




For the purpose of clarification, both Left and Right-Wing media are guilty of creating fake news. Both sides are guilty of bias, both push false and misleading narratives but only one side is calling for internet censorship, only one side has unveiled an incredibly deceitful and destructive agenda.




Is IoT the initial stage of our global identity?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future. Major governments and economic blocks around the world are already investing in it.

IoT will create a global network of physical objects embedded with sensors, software, and network connectivity, which will allow physical objects to exchange information with us and other physical objects.

IoT will create a sense of interconnectedness that was previously unimaginable. In fact, IoT could be the initial stage of a global identity in which our individualistic identities and the objects attached to them will begin to merge and work collectively as a centralized network.

Does that seem far-fetched? Well, consider the inter-connectivity already created through the internet. After the Paris attacks cities around the world lit their major landmarks in support of Paris. It was a beautiful act of global solidarity and displayed just how connected we truly are.

With IoT, such a thing will be magnified tenfold as perceived separation dissolves and we begin to respond to life collectively. We ( what we perceive as ourselves and the objects we use ) will learn how to empathize together, work together, dream together,  build and grow together.

This is what we can expect around the corner and it could lead to something far greater; a global identity, in which we no longer perceive ourselves as separate entities but a single entity.