Predicting the future: IoT Data Mining & Causal Foresight

The next leap in technology and human capability will come with the endless possibilities of the Internet of Things and big data mining combined to create predictive models for the future.

Once the potential issues regarding security are resolved IoT will head the forefront of data mining. With countless devices connected to each other within an overarching network, it will be possible to locate and measure things to an astonishing degree based on the endless data that these networks will provide.

Big data already helps obtain a sense of causal foresight and that will expand with the integration of IoT into our daily lives. By analyzing the data and patterns that emerge we could begin to create theoretical models that could act as causal forecasts. Even the way you use your mouse could become a predictive variable in who or what is happening or could happen.

The necessity for proper regulation is of the utmost importance in regards to breaches of personal privacy but this movement is more about the well-being of humanity itself than the individual.

If we as a species have causal foresight we can save ourselves from foreign threats or even save ourselves from ourselves. That is the goal. In fact, data mining is already used to predict criminal hotspots and the ability to map criminality will only improve with time. Furthermore, as we transition into a global identity, there will be no desire or necessity to hide things because everyone and everything will be connected. You will be “they” and to harm or hide things would only come to the detriment of yourself.

It’s quite ironic that we desire to be understood but fear it at the same time, that we dream of people coming together and yet stifle the technology that would lead to exactly that. The movement toward more and more transparency is undeniable and unstoppable, though. This is the future.

Sammy R. LaPoint © 2016


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