Facebook Will Partner With Litecoin? Don’t Bank On It

Recently, we saw some outlets contemplating that the Facebook ad ban on cryptocurrencies was in anticipation of a possible Litecoin partnership.  For example, this Zerohedge article.  The people speculating a partnership with Litecoin and Facebook are dumb. They don’t understand the technology. It’s almost laughable that as soon as this happens, they just assume there’s a Litecoin partnership. It really shows you how uniformed people are about this space, how limited their perception of it is. If anything, it is far more likely that they would use the Stellar Network, perhaps something else down the road such as Orbs or even their own blockchain. They will need far more capacity than what Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, OR Litecoin can currently handle.

Let me put it this way. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and  others weren’t good enough for KIN, which will become integrated with KIK. So, what did they do? They chose the Stellar Network. Well, even the Stellar Network might not have the capacity they’re looking for, so they may switch to Orbs. So…   if none of those were capable enough for KIN, perhaps even Stellar, what makes anyone think that Facebook is going to use Litecoin? It just seems unlikely to me, very unlikely. If Facebook DID partner with Litecoin, I’d consider it foolish when other platforms were performed better.

Trust me, these companies aren’t going to wait around for the almighty promise of the Lightening Network. Like Stripe, like Kin, like so many others, they will ditch the legacy networks for the ones that are most fitting and capable right now.

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