Did Newt Gingrich Know About The Secret Society: Who Else Knew?

In 2016, Newt Gingrich spoke about why the “establishment” didn’t take kindly to Donald Trump. He said that Trump is not one of them, that he is not a member of “the secret society”.  Notice how he does not say societies but society, as if he is referring to one particularly.

This sounds precisely like the secret society mentioned in the texts from the former FBI agents involved in the Russian probe.

If Gingrich was, in fact, alluding to this very thing back in 2016, which is certainly probable, then who else knows? It should be clear by now, this is the “deep state” or “shadow government”, not to be confused with the MIC deep state or shadow gov.  Another thing we should ask is who else knows?

It’s safe to believe that Trump knew if Gingrich knew, and many of those connected with Trump and Gingrich.

This brings up a ton of important questions.

Is this the same ‘secret society’ Gingrich described? Did everyone know about it already? Did Michael Flynn and Michael S. Rogers know? Was this all a part of the counter-coup efforts of Trump and group to expose this secret society? If this all blows up in their face, what will they do in retaliation against Trump and group?

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